It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Wrap-Up

Oh my lord, what happened to October? One day I was settling in to watch my first Hammer film of the month, and the next, I was putting away the skeleton garlands. The good news is that I did make it. I watched a horror film every day of October, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not that it was a cake walk, no indeed. With my twelve credit hours and my, well, life, needing lots of attention, fitting in a film was not always a priority, or even something I really wanted to do. But I became an expert this month at forcing myself to watch stuff. A good skill to have.

This forcing kung-fu came in especially handy during the dreaded Week of Threes. It started with Poltergeist III, which was really painful, and sped off downhill from there. Friday the 13th Part 3 was a slight reprieve, which isn’t saying much, but Slumber Party Massacre III, Hellraiser III, and Creepshow 3 hurt me, and I wanted to hurt them back.


Week Four was Fun Week. This became something of a potpourri, as I tended to watch the stuff I had lying around (The Student Bodies, hosted by Commander USA, for instance), combined with the MST3K (Tormented – funny!) and Film Crew (Killers From Space – funny, and Peter Graves!) DVDs I’d ordered from Netflix. I also threw in The Brood, which was awesome (thanks, Johnny!) and The Messengers (2006), which was the gem of the month.


Have you guys seen this movie? I remember seeing a trailer for it sometime last year, and made a mental note to see it, which I never followed up. Then, prowling a video store on the Saturday of this week, D asked me if I remembered a preview we saw for a scary movie that was really atmospheric and creepy, with a house and maybe ghosts? It took me a few minutes, but then the name just popped out. Ever since my long-ago tenure at the now defunct Big Box Video Store (we rented VHS, remember those?), I’ve had this sort of Rainman-esque skill for remembering movie titles and who’s in them, even if I’ve never seen the film. Sort of a walking, one-woman IMDb, with a bent toward the obscure.

Anyway, great movie. The performances were fantastic, with an especially superb turn from John Corbett. Also, keep an eye on Kristen Stewart. I haven’t been so impressed by a young actor since Sarah Polley or Haley Joel Osment.

So, that gets us up to the 29th, and, I’m blanking. Ah, a quick search through my circulation history at my library reveals that I watched The Amityville Horror (1979). See, I forgot because it was so bad. Didn’t enjoy it at all. Margo Kidder was embarrassing, as were the “special” effects.

Tuesday the 30th, I watched Wicker Man (1973). Scary. Christopher Lee is so frightening. I love that man. I do. Don’t get me started on the remake.

Halloween, we had a bit of a party. We watched It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) followed by – what else? – Halloween (1978). We ate a metric ton of candy, since our trick-or-treaters numbered very few and tapered off fairly early. Whether that had something to do with the Merciless Pain and Torture CD we were pumping out our front window, we will never know. But we had a fun night, popping popcorn just like Laurie and Tommy in the movie and throughly enjoying scaring ourselves. Watching movies set on Halloween on Halloween is very meta. Very me.


And that was it. The skeletons came down over the next few days, though the candy still lingers, and I’ve started watching other types of films now, when I have time. I’m in the last week of Lovely U’s quarter, so it’s write, write, write until my final projects are done. Sometime around Thanksgiving, I will spend an entire day lazing about, doing nothing productive. I may even watch a horror movie.

Final count:
Movies watched – 33 in 31 days.
Movies with Christopher Lee – Five
Movies with Peter Cushing – Four (only four?)
Movies with Boris Karloff – None (!)
Halloween themed ringtones on my phone – two
Haunted Houses visited – two
Candy eaten – one metric ton
Desire to do it again – 100%
Desire to see a horror film right now – give me a couple weeks

So, what do horror movie killers do in the off-season?

3 thoughts on “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Wrap-Up

  1. Sounds like you had a good month. Glad you are feeling better health wise. Now its time to get ready for turkey day. Have a fantastic November!! Keep your grades up. Love to you, mimi


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