In Which I Talk About School

I’m not sure why, but Lanty and I have been in a stare-down for a while.


It might be related to the fact that I’m snacking on a rice krispie treat and funny fellow that he is, Lant loves marshmallows. The temptation to give him a taste is intense.

So, remember how I gloated a couple entries back that I was (3/4) done for the Fall? Woowee, and all that? Yeah, so. The next day, I got an email from one of my instructors asking for revisions to a final paper I had turned in the day before. I spent the next two days scribbling on the thing, trying to fix it as requested and trying not to sink into a a dark I’ll-never-be-done-now hole. It’s cold and damp and a bit rank in that hole, but somehow going there is irresistible at times. Anyway, D stepped in to pull me back out, and read what seemed like endless revisions of that darn paper. He is sick to death of my ruminations on Gwendolyn Brooks, let me tell you. But, I finally finished the darn thing, and submitted it Sunday the 25th. Now, I am truly (3/4) finished.

And last Friday the final grade that course and the others at Lovely U were posted:

fall grades

And here’s the really fun news:

My last class ends on the 14th. It’s a course – Children’s Literature – that my program doesn’t offer so I’m taking it at a suburban college. This accounts for the staggered end dates. My chances for an A look mighty good there, too, but I don’t hold with counting chickens.

And truly, it is my last class. With the close of this semester, I am finished with all of the required courses for my degree program. This winter, I’ll be completing three major works for the program (one involving Kokoro). While I’m technically enrolled in independent studies, I am not attending any classes. Freaky deaky! In the Spring, I do something like a thesis defense in which I present two of my major works. That completed, along with a final committee meeting with advisers, etc, and I’m a B.A.

Holey moley.

Pardon me while I’m dance a happy Peanuts-style anticipatory I-am-so-freaking-proud-of-myself dance.

3 thoughts on “In Which I Talk About School

  1. Wow!! Wow wow wow!!! You are so awesome, woman! You have worked so hard. 🙂

    I have a children’s lit class coming up soonish, too.


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