Winter Wonderland

Lanty has on his festive red and green collar. Scrooge is rewound and ready to go. My stocking is positively corpulent.

It’s Christmas! I made it! Christmas!

My last course ended on the 14th, and I’ve spent the week since shopping, wrapping, guzzling egg nog, crafting, napping, shopping, cleaning, baking and then going to the mall. There’s a long car trip and then more shopping, wrapping, and baking to do, but I’m feeling rather Zen about it all. Christmas Was. Christmas Is. Christmas Will Be.

Come to think of it, that’s more Christmas Carol than Zen. The Tao of Scrooge, to mix metaphors even further.

I like life!

I’m not sure if maybe my Zen state is sort of my default, to be honest. I’ve been so stressed about a million things, mostly things with letter grades that had deadlines, that I don’t have much energy left to get worked up about holiday worries. There is a sublime state that comes with absolute weariness. And I’m digging it.

So, I’m off. Wish me zoomy traffic, crisp Cokes, and cheerful conversation on my trip. I’ll see you before Christmas. Until then, watch this movie. It’s super cool beans.

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