Christmastime Illustrated

I know I said I’d be back before Christmas, but, well, I didn’t make it. It’s as much my fault as it was yours, so let’s just kiss and make up.

It was a wonderful Christmas with my family. Leaving was actually really difficult and I cried like a two year old when I said goodbye to my mom. Separation anxiety rears its ugly head.

But, can you blame me? I had so much fun and was so relaxed. Plus, I received so many – too many – incredible gifts from everyone. Will I share pictures? Certainly! Here I am, all pinked up over a super sweet Lovely U hoodie.

I also got a load of books, including a vintage cookbook from my mama who knows how crazy nuts I am over those. D’s mom gave me a book on horror movie monsters from Wyn’s collection, which is such a wonderfully special thing to do. This horribly grainy pic features that book on top of a pile of fun. The completely blacked out spine belongs to The Scary Stories Treasury which was from Antz.


But enough about presents.

We had such lovely times. We kicked off the season with a Winter Solstice gathering at D’s mom’s, complete with real wassail and gorgeous sugared grapes. The fleshy slices are pears. Yum.


We spent Christmas Eve with Grandma W. She challenged us all to a gambling game and I think she won. We had wings and cheeses and little cocktail weenies. Grandma is so cool.


Christmas was at mom’s house, and it was lovely bedlam. After a morning of unwrapping carnage, D & I made dinner: ham, lotsa casseroles, cranberry stuff, pies, cookies, egg nog – the works. The weekend previous, I baked three pies, and many, many cookies. Here’s my lemon meringue, which had been requested by my football star nephew:


I baked and cooked so much stuff that I can’t remember most of it. I’m sure I ate much of it. I recall the frosted cookies, which were finished some time around 2am Christmas Eve; and I remember the buckeyes because there’s a small bag in my fridge right now. Mmmmm. A vast majority of the preparations for Christmas are a blur, though, along with big chunks of Christmas Day.

And it occurs to me that this is what it feels like to be an adult; to be the mom on Christmas. My mama injured her arm and can’t do most of her normal activities. She has always done everything at Christmastime, and while I’ve pitched in here and there, I have never appreciated the effort and tremendous amount of work she happily commits to for all of us. I did all I could to help out, and give her a stress-free holiday. Taking over for her was stunning, really. I’ve never made an entire holiday meal before, from cheese and crackers all the way through to pie, and it was an awesome experience. I feel as though I’ve turned a corner and I can’t really go back. I’m a grown ass girl now. It feels pretty good. Right where I’m supposed to be.

So now, we’re home and settling in again. I hope all of you had a peaceful and lovely Christmas, and that you were able to soak in the joy of the season.


3 thoughts on “Christmastime Illustrated

  1. You look as cute as a button in your new hoodie. 🙂
    So glad to hear your Christmas was merry and bright; I enjoyed reading all about it.


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