iHeart You

Here’s my valentine to some things (and people) that I adore.

Heart-shaped baked goods. With frosting. Self-explanatory.

Halter swimsuits in super chesty sizes.


The most delicious powdered and canned tea in the world. And that’s likely not just hyperbole since it’s from Japan.

Mystery Science Theater 3000. I just need it.

Astronomer Carl Sagan. Genius communicator and scientist. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Nature’s candy. With chocolate.

My big red valentine, the Ruby Wagon. She’s all repaired and street-worthy again. Thanks, baby!

You can buy a print of this ad, framed. This is the beauty of the internet.

And finally, D. He’s the best one.

So tell me, what do you love on this Day of Hearts?

4 thoughts on “iHeart You

  1. I love snuggling up with a cup of Latte first thing in the morning, watching Scrubs reruns, listening to Chet Baker, spending time with Mia the Golden Retriever. And last but not least, I love that I get to be your friend.


  2. Thanks for the note on my OD page. Been awhile since I was back…but I feel wordy again so I’ll be around. It was great to hear from you. Miss you cutie!


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