Don’t Answer Me

Dogs. Paper. Driving. Poop bags. Typing. Notes. Leashes. beaglesbeaglesbeaglesBEAGLES.

Things are a little crazy for me. Not low-prices crazy, more like watching Snake Eyes twelve times and then digging through Gary Sinese’s garbage until he takes out a restraining order against you crazy.

oh, and I’m tired.


So! The answers to the movie quotes thing. Here you are.

The Color Purple
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Steel Magnolias
Bowling For Columbine
Fried Green Tomatoes
Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)
I Accuse My Parents
Stranger Than Fiction
Stuart Saves His Family
Shall We Dansu?
Best in Show
Bright Eyes
Trading Places
The Diary of Anne Frank


You guys remember this video?

Remember videos? Remember when the ‘M’ in MTV stood for ‘music’ and not ‘marketing?’

and I’m out.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Answer Me

  1. Ahh.. what a great song, and yeah, I DO remember that video. MTV was quite a space in its heyday.

    Sounds like things are madness for you. Hope you can keep your feet on the ground most of the time. 🙂


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