Up & Atom

Happy 4th of July!

It’s good to be back.

I’ve updated the software running this place, along with all of the little programs that power the fun stuff, like the feed from my Netflix queue in the sidebar there. Getting them all to behave and play nicely together was a lot easier than I expected, but I did have to say goodbye to my Now Reading library, at least for now. Compatibility issues make it unstable with the latest installation of the blogging software, plus my php skillz are lame so I’m not up to the task of fixing it myself.

To console myself, and only myself I’m sure, since I can’t imagine any of you reading this even noticed that I had a library, I’ve added a widget that displays the latest additions to my Librarything catalog. I feel a little better now.

Other changes are mostly stylistic. Font stuff. The new banner. Sidebar hijinks. I haven’t tested the changes on IE; only Firefox and Safari, so forgive me it looks wonky in your browser and do let me know if it’s really bad. I know, I could have fired up Parallels and opened the dev site in IE there, but I didn’t and I forgive myself.

But it’s fun being a little geeky again. I may even learn some of this darn php this summer. I may. Or I may just go to the Frontier Festival today and eat deep fried dough ’til I’m sick. What would you chose?

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