Bikes and Tibia-lations

Couple of weeks ago, I had a lovely birthday. Got this:
Pinky Lee
and I really, really love it. We took her out to a lovely state park two weekends in a row to get the tires muddy. On our second weekend, which involved a tent as well, we went on a fairly aggressive (for a newbie like me) trail, complete with big ruts and roots. And soon, I steered into a big root to avoid a big tree and ended up with a big ouch when Pinky Lee’s top tube whacked my leg with a Tonya Harding-like efficiency.

Ok, so my tibia doesn’t exactly look like this. X-rays showed no fracture but plenty of swelling of the soft tissues – and even without the fracture I’m in the sort of pain that a fracture might cause. No, it hurts more. I have some good narcotics that whack me out and ice packs which I apply several times a day. I can’t make it worse; I can only manage the pain until it gets better. Which I hope is really soon.

Because we’re going to Japan next Saturday.

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