Ikinari Craziness

Aie! We leave in two days. Preparations have been along the lines of insane, tempered with occasional bouts frenzy. It has gone something like this:

New shoes were needed, get a suit jacket altered, where are those travel compression bags, argh there’s a huge hole in my suitcase! Got a haircut, lost the server with my iTunes library, ice packs on my leg, went to work, worked from home, downloaded and ripped a bunch of movies because oh-my-gosh-it’s-October-and-I-need-horror-movies! Went to the doctor, found out I am “reproductively challenged,” as Charlotte York Goldenblatt would say, made roast chicken with mashed potatoes & gravy for comfort, bought new pants, shopped for jeans forever before deciding that the ones I have are fine, got out scarves from Norway to take along, and watched my first horror movie of the month.

All since Monday. I need a drink.

Tomorrow, we leave early for Indiana to take Lanty to his Nonnie’s, and then on to East City to see my nephew’s senior football game. Immediately after, it’s straight home (please don’t let the drive take more than four hours) to sleep for, um, an hour, and then it’s up, final packing and off to O’Hare. I’m hoping the handful of narcotics left in my prescription bottle will get me through this. If not, there’s always melatonin and screwdrivers on the plane. Since I’ll be on it for fourteen hours. But I have the latest issue of Bitch, the latest CD by Matthew Sweet, an iPod crammed with horror movies and three new books. I should be fine.

Did I mention, though, that we got my plane ticket for about $100? I’ve been saving miles with this airline for six years and miraculously had enough to get a round trip flight to Japan. I call this Providential or dumb friggin’ luck or my finally getting a break after a rough month. Whatever it is, we were ecstatic, naturally.

So, we’re nearly ready. Sort of, almost ready. I should really get back to the laundry and my carry-on bag and the packing, but I’m going to miss my computer so I’m spending a little time with it. Aside from the the occasional and English-friendly internet cafe (which is probably a figment of my imagination) I won’t have much internet access for at least a few days. Derek will be working for the first half of the trip and I’ll be on my own a bit. Phone are out, too, so no Twittering or Facebooking or other made-up verbs. Just me and my thoughts. And my bum leg. And my bum ovaries.

4 thoughts on “Ikinari Craziness

  1. What a whirlwind life you lead! I can barely keep up with you these days. That’s great that Japan is still on! Can’t keep a good woman down. Go have an adventure!

    P.S. That’s so sweet that you’ll be bundling up in Norwegian scarves.


  2. AWWWW Meggie! you and Derek are awesome Aunt and Uncle to drive this far to see Brian’s Senior Night and last home Game! I know you are going to be exhausted.

    I also know that someway somehow you guys will have a baby! I can’t wait to be an Aunt to a baby that will actually be my blood!!!

    Love you


  3. You have yourself a fantastic time, I’ll be thinking of you & D. Hey, you’ll be gaijin! Give Japan a hug for me. Give yourself a hug for me too, come to think of it…


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