Creaky Brain

I should post something. Something deep and witty and germane to the shifting American landscape, the coming of fall, cultural differences between Chicago and Tokyo, how much I like tea…but nothing’s coming. My brain is broken or perhaps sprained. I think I sprained my brain learning the Lindy tonight.

So here’s a picture. (after the jump, yo.)

God, the poor turkey. What must it be like to drag around an apple-cheeked, miniature chef – whom you dwarf, by the way – all the while staring down the barrel of that huge butter knife she’s carrying, knowing but not understanding why, oh, why your days are seriously numbered?

So, yeah. You might also enjoy this meme. Maybe it will grease the wheels of creativity for me, or at least help me murder a metaphor or three.

Nine Things About Myself

1. I am irrationally afraid of dead animals.

2. I am slightly chagrined that I graduated with a 3.96 instead of a 4.0.

3. I wear a vintage apron when using my pink stand mixer to make recipes from 1950s cookbooks. It just seems appropriate.

4. Really good music makes me cry.

5. I’m always carrying too much stuff.

6. I try not to regret or look back on life wistfully. Life is only now.

7. I played a concert in Carnegie Hall. <– this isn’t looking back wistfully so much as nostalgically.

8. I love to travel but am tired of hotel rooms.

9. I’m also irrationally afraid of down escalators.

Eight Ways To Win My Heart

1. Be a smiley dog.

2. Love Peter Cushing

3. Know some French.

4. Praise my baking skillz.

5. Be a whiny Siamese cat.

6. Buy me a skull.

7. Know where you’re going and invite me along.

8. Be Darly.

Seven Things That Cross My Mind A Lot

1. Why can’t I sleep?

2. Where is my iPod?

3. My head hurts.

4. My checking balance is WHAT?

5. I love her hair.

6. I want those boots.

7. What time is it?

Six Things I Do Before I Fall Asleep

1. Check all the doors and windows. I’ve seen enough Unsolved Mysteries to keep me afraid for life.

2. Brush my teeth.

3. Floss obsessively.

4. Wash my face with Coalface cleanser. It is magic.

5. Squish my pillow all around.

6. Tell D that the bed feels amazing.

Five People Who Mean A Lot To Me

1. Mr. Rogers

2. Joel Hodgson

3. L.M. Montgomery

4. Al Gore

5. Darly

Four Things I’m Wearing Right Now

1. “Choice on Earth” tee shirt

2. Warm socks

3. Headphones

4. Silver hoops

Three Songs That I Listen To Often

1. Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet

2. Spinning Wheel by Blood, Sweat, and Tears

3. Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues

Two Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. Own a dog.

2. Live in another country.

One Confession

1. I fear that deep down I’m really needy so I tend to go too far toward independent. Maybe. Or maybe I’m fine.


Tell me you wouldn’t sprain your brain trying to do this:

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