It’s Not You

For those of you looking for refuge from the football madness that dominates this frosty Sunday, I offer you video solace.

First, a a riff on my favorite movie, ever, from the aforementioned brilliant Rifftrax:

And next, this is possibly my new theme song.  It is so crude as to make me wince, but on the other hand I love her socks and her pigtails and the nun and the black guy and the effervescent way the gal sings “fuck you in the mouth.”  Not everyone can do that.  I know.  I’ve had voice lessons.

The mp3 will be on repeat on my morning commute.  I’ll be the girl next to you on the El smiling serenely and tapping her foot.

One thought on “It’s Not You

  1. I LOVE this song! It is how I feel for the most part lately. I love your insight! It’s great! I’m going to start reading your blogs more often! 🙂


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