Working from home can make you a little buggy.  So,  I went to the library this (and every) afternoon, where I came upon this vision in the CD/POP-ROCK/P section:


A little research tells me that this was Prince’s 1979 album, titled, unsurprisingly, Prince.  What  is surprising to me is that I’ve somehow never seen it before.  It simultaneously freaks me out while making me want to run a brush through his silky tresses.  And His Royal Badness just turned 50, did you know that?  I think I hear doves crying.

Speaking of found items, I received this in the mail not long ago:


It was published in 1964, and if anything has ever made we want to travel back into that pre-second wave era and endure a little sexual harassment in the workplace in order to visit this crazy, bygone world, this is it.  As the cover says, it features “specialty-of-the-house recipes from American’s leading restaurants” circa 1964, of course.   So far, it seems a lot of these places are just plain gone, but a few still exist, like the Pump Room right in my own backyard of Chicago.  So, two words come to mind.

Road Trip.

1964, I must eat you.

3 thoughts on “Sightings

  1. Yeah, Prince’s album covers are generally… cringe-inducing?… and that one takes the cake. But on Controversy he’s got a RIDICULOUSLY INTENSE STARE. It’s… extreme. And haunting. In a bad way.


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