A Lion in Winter


Even though it’s almost April, the snow is back and so am I.  Please to enjoy the new site.  I hope to deliver a more inclusive, lifestreamy experience, where my life online is more integrated with my actual life.  Could I use life a few more times?

Having put D on a plane this afternoon, I spent the bulk of the evening fixing some widgets and plugins and cursing over the CSSes, but I’m happy with where the place landed, and tired of that darn maintenance page, so here were are!

For a reward, I’m watching Iron Chef America, and Bobby Flay is freaking out, which seems par for the course.  And whatever happened to Wolfgang Puck?  Like all remakes, the original Japanese version was better, anyway.   Actually, I just finished Kingdom of the Spiders (1977), which I half-watched in the background, and could only screen because D is out of town.  It was a gruesome bit of campy crap – a spider invasion of Shatnerian proportions, as D said when I told him it starred TVs T.J. Hooker.

I do love The Shatner.

So, welcome back to The House of Mirth.  I’ll make you a cocktail while you look in the closets and try out the new furniture.

3 thoughts on “A Lion in Winter

  1. And may I ad that “A Lion in Winter” is one of my favorites? It’s so very clever – Katherine at her best! Anthony Hopkins had black hair!!


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