Shop for Jonah

bracelet My friend Angie is the mother is a beautiful little boy with a hereditary disease called Galactosemia. For a few days in April, those of you in the Chicagoland area can help the little guy by doing what you’d normally do: shop at Jewel.

Says Angie:

Galactosemia is a rare disorder and funding for research comes primarily from people like us, the parents of a galactosemic child.  However, during April 6-8, Jewel-Osco stores will donate 5% of sales made during the Galactosemia Shop and Share days. This fundraiser has the potential to raise much money for research–and all you have to do is what you would normally do during the week!  Of course, we’d love it if everyone waited and made their big grocery shopping trip during those days, but please know every little bit helps and is appreciated!

Attached is a copy of the Shop and Share Identification Slips.  It’s very easy–just print out a slip and sign it.  Present the slip when you shop during April 6-8.  Jewel-Osco will do the rest.  There is no limit to how often you can present a slip, but there are restrictions on what counts (for example, liquor, gift cards and tobacco don’t).

So, when you head out to Jewel next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, please bring one of these slips along.  Help give Jonah a chance at a rich, healthy life.  Thanks, kids!

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