Fangs a Lot


I’m so behind. Behind! Not in movie viewing.  Viewing I’ve managed.  But the writing… In my defense, I’ve had some major behind-the-scenes blog problems.  Was just trying to clean some stuff up, and, poof!  I deleted some important things.  Databases.  They are important.

I’ve had some sublime days and a little trash since Saturday night, and I’m feeling good.  Plus, I made a cake!  I’ll get caught up tomorrow, promise.  For now, let’s just talk about Sunday.

To make up for the rubbishy start to the month, I settled in with a classic:

Sunday, October 4


Horror of Dracula (1958): This is just such a good film.  I’ve talked about it before, in glowing terms, so there’s not much more to say.  Instead, I thought I’d go with a multi-media presentation.

Van Helsing & the Count fight it out. I actually squealed watching this.

And here’s  young Svengoolie (when he was still Son Of…) introducing it as his movie of the week.  What I wouldn’t give to jump in a time machine and fly back to 1983 to to see this episode again.  (And then I’d hurry right back.)

Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are like the chocolate and peanut butter in my Halloween goodie bag.  So delicious.

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