Side Tracks

I’m a bit sidetracked.  Don’t worry – I haven’t missed a movie.  But there are so many other things to do right now that I’m not the devoted reviewer I should be.

For instance: music videos.  In the spirit of the season, D & I stayed up way, way too late the other night finding scary music videos online.  For me, it was like revisiting those years long ago, when MTV played nothing but videos (as crazy as that might sound) and I was frightened to death by the haunting vision of Grace Jones in her Demolition Man video:

I mean, I couldn’t sleep after watching this! What nine year-old wouldn’t be terrified by an army of Grace Joneses marching toward you? They could blind you with the glare from their collective cheekbones and then eat you, raw.

For animal cruelty-themed videos, nothing is better than Peter Gabriel’s Shock the Monkey, but it just seemed a little too easy.  Instead, we settled on Games Without Frontiers, which is sort of a scary song to begin with, and then there’s that revolving baby head. Argh!

And I must note that until, um, last week or so, I thought the chorus of the song was “She’s…so popular.”  Turns out it’s not.  So, I guess she isn’t.

The Talking Heads could not be left out of Scary Video night. Burning Down The House has a pretty freaky video, but it really can’t hold a candle (har har) to Once in a Lifetime. This video had me afraid of David Byrne for years. Years.  I mean, what is he doing in this video?  The arm thing!  The head smacking thing!  The tiny-Davids-all-dancing-in-the-background thing!  And now the song is in top rotation on my ipod.  I’m just that way.

The hands down winner of the night, though, was Nine Inch Nails’ Closer. D had never seen it, so boy, was he in for a treat. I’ve seen it something like a million times, but I was surprised that I was shocked and creeped out all over again on viewing it that night. Maybe it was the late hour. Maybe it was sharing in D’s genuine shock over some of the images. Maybe it was the revolving pig’s head.

Good times, right?  What do you think we missed?  I’d love to hear how MTV scared you.  In the meantime, you can check out our entire playlist:

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