What Ever Happened to My Transylvania Twist?

MonMadI hate to see this Month of Madness go,  I really do.  It’s been hard at time, to sit down for yet another movie, to put D through yet another movie, and to watch yet another movie I didn’t mean to watch at all because the planning of all this got the best of me and I forgot to have something I really, really wanted to watch on hand.

But ohmygosh, it’s fun to watch a horror movie every day.  Fun, fun, funnity fun.  Even if you end up looking a little like this toward the end:


Halloween night, we watched the original Ju-On (2002) film, just to round out all the Ju-oning we’d been doing all week.  It was pretty scary and very enjoyable.  I love a good ghost story and Ju-on delivers. There were great performances and darn good effects for a lower budget.  And I really liked the way the ghosts could screw with space and time. Very creative storytelling.  If only they could make October last a little longer, I could have seen all the movies I’d planned.

So, how did I do?

Movies watched: 31 in 31 days.
Movies with Christopher Lee: Five
Movies with Peter Cushing: Four
Movies with Boris Karloff: Three (more next year, darn it)
Haunted Houses visited: two plus a haunted hayride!
Desire to do it again: 100%
Lesson learned: Organization! I didn’t get to see a number of the movies I meant to, and resorted to dashing around a little too much.  And Boris Karloff, more Boris Karloff.

But what funnity fun it all was. October, you’re the best.

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