It’s Amore

I get to study film, kids! Oh my gosh oh my gosh.

Since finally kick-assing my way to my BA two years ago, I’ve had some more book learning in mind. But with my immense student loans staring me in the face and the lean couple of years we’ve had, taking on more educational debt has not seemed like the best idea.

And then I got a job at DePaul, which cracked the door on those ambitions a little.

And I got a full-time job at DePaul which kicked the door wide open.

I started browsing the graduate programs and fell smack in love. Check it:

The Master of Arts degree in Media and Cinema Studies at DePaul University provides students with the critical skills, historical grounding, and research methodologies for understanding the cultural and social impact of film, television and digital media in our globalized world.

Um. Yes.

So, I applied to the program a couple of months ago, and as of June 4, 2010, I am officially in.

Oh. My. GOD, kids! OH MY GOD.

For the bulk of the last 15 years, I never thought I’d have a college degree, period, and I never thought I’d have an advanced degree. And then, I changed my life. Holy crap. Here I am, going to graduate school. I start in September.

LulaB is so excited, she did a little dance:

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