Winter Moon

I think that would a good album title for vaguely holiday-ish but not overtly Christmas music.  Anyway, here’s a picture I took.  

On My Own

So I’m hanging out by myself for a while. He’ll be home weekends. I’ll be FINE. Still, I’m making a I’m Sad But Okay Playlist to get me through this first week of being faux-single. Songs NOT to include: Leaving On a Jet Plane Darling, Be Home Soon Only the Lonely It’s Too Late What’ll … More On My Own

It’s Amore

I get to study film, kids! Oh my gosh oh my gosh. Since finally kick-assing my way to my BA two years ago, I’ve had some more book learning in mind. But with my immense student loans staring me in the face and the lean couple of years we’ve had, taking on more educational debt … More It’s Amore

More Adventurous

With every broken heart, we should become more adventurous. When Lanty was diagnosed with that darned Lymphona last summer, I felt, momentarily anyway, the solidity of life drop right out from under me. There was very little that could make it seem right again.  Lanty was the third leg of our little three-legged family.  For … More More Adventurous

In Which I Bitch

…(and then attempt to repent) ironic image courtesy of PostSecret I was brushing my teeth last night and feeling sorry for myself. I have one of those Oral-B battery-powered brushes, and as its harmonic buzzing lulled me into a trance-like state, one clear thought popped out of the white noise of self-pity: we have had … More In Which I Bitch

Seen and Heard

I love Chicago. I love it like that uncle you skirt around at family reunions; the one who laughs way too loud and invariably gets jello salad stuck in his yellowing beard.  It frightens me; It makes me laugh. On my lunch hour today, I ran into this fellow, an unsettling pirate relaxing in a … More Seen and Heard

Shop for Jonah

My friend Angie is the mother is a beautiful little boy with a hereditary disease called Galactosemia. For a few days in April, those of you in the Chicagoland area can help the little guy by doing what you’d normally do: shop at Jewel. Says Angie: Galactosemia is a rare disorder and funding for research … More Shop for Jonah