A Lion in Winter

Even though it’s almost April, the snow is back and so am I.  Please to enjoy the new site.  I hope to deliver a more inclusive, lifestreamy experience, where my life online is more integrated with my actual life.  Could I use life a few more times? Having put D on a plane this afternoon, … More A Lion in Winter

Death & Taxes

Ben F. once said something about a couple of things that are certain in this life. Of course, he was right, in his little half-moon glasses, walking his pet turkey. But I always wanted to add change to his terse little list. Everything, everyone changes. And though we might not want to; though we may … More Death & Taxes

Where We Take It

This has been a most difficult week. I’m sitting here in our home office, shivering because our furnace is dead (it is 13 degrees outside, 50 inside), preparing to go to work tomorrow where I’ve taken over for a colleague who very suddenly had a baby Tuesday (weeks and weeks early) and my days are … More Where We Take It


Working from home can make you a little buggy.  So,  I went to the library this (and every) afternoon, where I came upon this vision in the CD/POP-ROCK/P section:

25…is a lot.

Everyone is doing this old-school, online journal (remember when they were called that?) 25 Facts About Me thing these days.  You know the kind – you list a bunch of random stuff about yourself and then you tag a bunch of people who then do the same. Having been tagged at that social networking site … More 25…is a lot.

Ring Christmas Bells

One of these years I will write consistent and faithful little entries that illustrate my fascinating life in quaint detail. I will respond to all of the lovely emails I receive in a timely and decorous manner, and I will never let my reading get behind. Right. While I am behind on a million, squillion … More Ring Christmas Bells

Creaky Brain

I should post something. Something deep and witty and germane to the shifting American landscape, the coming of fall, cultural differences between Chicago and Tokyo, how much I like tea…but nothing’s coming. My brain is broken or perhaps sprained. I think I sprained my brain learning the Lindy tonight. So here’s a picture. (after the … More Creaky Brain