More Adventurous

With every broken heart, we should become more adventurous. When Lanty was diagnosed with that darned Lymphona last summer, I felt, momentarily anyway, the solidity of life drop right out from under me. There was very little that could make it seem right again.  Lanty was the third leg of our little three-legged family.  For … More More Adventurous

kokoro ni aru

Our little Biscuit has gone on beyond the sea. At about 11 0’clock this morning, we helped him move from this life into the next, and away from his suffering and pain. We will miss him so very much, but never forget his funny ways and the precious lessons he taught us about life, death, … More kokoro ni aru

Spanning the Sea

Actually, ocean. D left for Brussels last Sunday, after a whirlwind couple of days of cleaning, shopping and packing. Until Biscuit’s official diagnosis came in, and we got his chemo rolling, D’s trip was almost an afterthought in our lives. Well, less so for him, naturally.