Prelude to a Dog

I don’t really remember Buffy. Just a fleeting glimpse, a snapshot of a large ginger dog who was too big for me to play with and very wiggly is all I have of her. I have been lead to understand that she was my big sister’s pet when I was born, perhaps even given to … More Prelude to a Dog

Good Girl.

Lady Bug has been abused in the past and has some fear aggression problems, but she’s very loving for all that. We’re pals, and I really enjoy my early afternoons with her. Our typical visit goes like this: Lady: [lunging, but full of fear] barkbarkbarkBARKbarkbarkbarkBARKgrrrrrrwl! (trans. please don’t kill me) Me: [giving her a hand … More Good Girl.

Poop Head

Writing is really hard for me right now. Which is bad. Bad for you because you don’t get updates in any sort of timely fashion. Very bad for me because I’m staring at a WRITING TEST which I must complete by Monday in order to test out of my school program’s writing course. But the … More Poop Head

Rigorous Update

Scenes from my weekend: Mom’s cat Luna & Kokoro, hashing it out. Rig, in his favorite bed, resplendant with cutie baby blankets I brought him. Me & Rigor

Morning Air

I can say, with little hesitation, that I’ve just had one of the best weekends of my life. Right now, only the weekend of my wedding stands out as as moving, as heartfelt, as significant.