From Exuberance to Irony: “Walking on Sunshine” in Film

Written for grad school in 2009, this piece is a fun look at how one song has endured through twenty-five plus years and scores of use in various media.         Kicky drums and tambourine open the song, beating out a sense of excitement about what’s to come. Almost any listener knows the song … More From Exuberance to Irony: “Walking on Sunshine” in Film

What To Do on a Date

Here’s one of my favorites, first re-introduced by Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the early 90s. Watch that version – it’s fantastic. What To Do on a Date (1950), produced by the prolific and amazing Chicago-based Coronet Films, is the story of gooney high school guy, Nick, as he learns how to ask class cutie Kay on … More What To Do on a Date

Habit Patterns

I dearly love watching and writing about classroom films of the 1950s and 1960s. I’ve written about them here and there, and decided to collect my far-flung bits into a Short of the Week feature. Because why not. Kicking off is one of my absolute favorites, Habit Patterns, from 1954. It’s a fifteen-minute exploration in shame and conforming, … More Habit Patterns

Back to Madness

It’s been three long years since I’ve been able to indulge in one of my most singular pleasures: watching a horror movie a day all during October. Grad school, man. And in those three years, I’ve enjoyed flexing my writing muscles in short form and micro form blogging, but nothing can do justice to my … More Back to Madness

It’s Amore

I get to study film, kids! Oh my gosh oh my gosh. Since finally kick-assing my way to my BA two years ago, I’ve had some more book learning in mind. But with my immense student loans staring me in the face and the lean couple of years we’ve had, taking on more educational debt … More It’s Amore

Have a Cold?

I kind of want one if it would take me back to the time when these fabulous commercials would interrupt As The World Turns which I watched in a decongestant haze on the couch while my mom made me buttery alphabet noodles out in the kitchen. *Thanks to a touch of tuesday weld for the … More Have a Cold?

Uncomfortable Rapping

There was a time in American history, a dark and unsettling time, when varied and inappropriate persons decided to join in the newest pop culture trend: in other words, white people tried to rap. And too often, they did it in order to sell stuff. Let’s explore this uncomfortable phenomenon. First, let’s take a moment … More Uncomfortable Rapping