School’s Out

…well, it’s not actually. But heck, it sort of feels like it. I’m taking just two courses this summer, both what my program calls an FDIS, or Faculty Designed Independent Study. One study is on Chicago authors and the other is about issues facing women in prison. Cheery, yes. I love FDIS courses. I’ve done … More School’s Out

PoMo Potpourri

I’ve got a headache. No, this is not a novel occurrence. But, I thought I’d let you know, ’cause you care, right? What do I do about these headaches? Verapmil. Imitrex. A variety of pillows made out of a variety of materials in a variety of shapes. Food and substance restrictions. Visualization and relaxation techniques. … More PoMo Potpourri

Links to My Life

It’s 10:33am, and already it’s been a long day. But I’m not going to wallow, not me. I’m a happy person, positive and sunny, with a radiant smile for all I meet. And I may or may not be delusional.

Helter Skelter

Currently wearing: black cardigan, tight black short-sleeved shirt, long wine skirt, black boots, huge diamond. Currently reading: Alternating between Roman by Polanski and The Complete Book of M*A*S*H Currently listening to: Marcy Playground (1997) Currently forced to: Drink more water than I can handle. Currently grateful for: My health, such as it is.