Back to Madness

It’s been three long years since I’ve been able to indulge in one of my most singular pleasures: watching a horror movie a day all during October. Grad school, man. And in those three years, I’ve enjoyed flexing my writing muscles in short form and micro form blogging, but nothing can do justice to my … More Back to Madness

Madness Marches On

And so, we made it to the last week. The last week of D asking me “did you watch your movie today?” as if reminding me of my vitamins; the last week of scouring Netflix, the library, and The Internet Archive for last-minute movies when my plan for the night went awry (or I just … More Madness Marches On

I’m Listing

Really, I feel like the boat is about to tip over.  It’s October 30? 30? Here I am in the stretchiest home stretch and I’m a little panicked.  Have I missed a day? No? Have I written an entry for each one?  No.  Can I manage to catch up on all of the reviews in … More I’m Listing

Side Tracks

I’m a bit sidetracked.  Don’t worry – I haven’t missed a movie.  But there are so many other things to do right now that I’m not the devoted reviewer I should be. For instance: music videos.  In the spirit of the season, D & I stayed up way, way too late the other night finding … More Side Tracks

One Weak Week

In trying to write about the movies I viewed this past week, I’ve run into a rather sticky problem: I cannot for the life of me remember what I watched Monday. Oh dear.

Weekend Frights

So much coffee today!  Coffeeeeeee.  I don’t drink coffee very often, especially not fully leaded coffee.  Especially not large super jazzy lattes with almond flavoring so sweet and almondy that you can’t resist their siren song. The thing made me drink it!  I was powerless to stop myself. So, this post is brought to you … More Weekend Frights

Some Magical Day

Tuesday, October 6 The Body Snatcher (1945) This is one of those horror films I first read about as a kid, in a book checked out over and over from the library.  Darned if I can remember the title now, but it was a guide to horror movies, aimed at a young audience; something to … More Some Magical Day