From Exuberance to Irony: “Walking on Sunshine” in Film

Written for grad school in 2009, this piece is a fun look at how one song has endured through twenty-five plus years and scores of use in various media.         Kicky drums and tambourine open the song, beating out a sense of excitement about what’s to come. Almost any listener knows the song … More From Exuberance to Irony: “Walking on Sunshine” in Film

Side Tracks

I’m a bit sidetracked.  Don’t worry – I haven’t missed a movie.  But there are so many other things to do right now that I’m not the devoted reviewer I should be. For instance: music videos.  In the spirit of the season, D & I stayed up way, way too late the other night finding … More Side Tracks

Ring Christmas Bells

One of these years I will write consistent and faithful little entries that illustrate my fascinating life in quaint detail. I will respond to all of the lovely emails I receive in a timely and decorous manner, and I will never let my reading get behind. Right. While I am behind on a million, squillion … More Ring Christmas Bells