What’ll I Do?

I can’t let another day go by without paying tribute to the Matron Saint of The House of Mirth, my beloved Ms. Beatrice Arthur. It’s ridiculous, I know, but I’m so sad. Call it projection, transference, whatever you want, all I know is I loved her, and I’m sorry she’s gone Obituaries all over the … More What’ll I Do?

Eve of The New

Tomorrow is my last day as a dog walker. I know. I’m surprised too, and I’ve known for a month that this day was coming. On this eve of my last walks, I want to thank Apple, The Monkees, Matthew Sweet, Blondie, Billy Joel, Blood, Sweat, & Tears, The Guess Who, Vince Guaraldi, The Cars, … More Eve of The New

Intermission: I rock!

Don’t worry! The experiment is still going strong (although it came close to ending last night when I looked up from my laptop and realized it was 11:35pm and no movie…). I am swamped in schoolwork and a difficult day or two, but the movies march on. Reviews are forthcoming. In the meantime…

Happy Birthday Mick

To my favorite of all Monkees, I wish a very happy day. You have one of the best voices, going, Mick. Thanks for all of the happiness. love, Meg

Awful Grace

A lot has happened. Lots of changes. Loss. Grief. Snow. We lost Derek’s father on October 11. We are comforted in knowing that we loved him well; we cared for him in the most difficult hour; and we were given the gift of a few last words with him. But change is terribly hard, loss … More Awful Grace