kokoro ni aru

Our little Biscuit has gone on beyond the sea. At about 11 0’clock this morning, we helped him move from this life into the next, and away from his suffering and pain. We will miss him so very much, but never forget his funny ways and the precious lessons he taught us about life, death, … More kokoro ni aru

A Gracious Plenty

I was just thinking about the day D & I were married. It was very warm, and the sun was bright and radiant. My bare shoulders were quite red by the end of the day, and the wrap my StepGrand made for me at the last minute, when I had panicked about the cold weather, … More A Gracious Plenty

Christmas II Beta

Christmas II was celebrated in the Hyphen Household this past Saturday – the last Saturday in February being the traditional day for it. We had such a great day – it was just the carefree silliness I needed after a couple of cold, dreary months of winter (I’m really beginning to dislike watching steam rise … More Christmas II Beta

Funny Man

“He is SO funny!” -Me, age eight, starry-eyed over John Ritter And you were. You were the first guy who made my pulse race a little. The first one who could make me shriek with giggles. I’m just not sure how you could be gone.