A Place Called Home

Today, I submitted my final project for graduate school. With this, I’ve finished my last class – a course on Audio Documentary production. It’s now onward to the Comp Exam, and hopefully, graduation! For this project, I was so very fortunate to have three lovely people share with me their stories about moving, growing, and … More A Place Called Home

It’s Amore

I get to study film, kids! Oh my gosh oh my gosh. Since finally kick-assing my way to my BA two years ago, I’ve had some more book learning in mind. But with my immense student loans staring me in the face and the lean couple of years we’ve had, taking on more educational debt … More It’s Amore

Big in Japan, Again

Here I am. I finally have unlimited internet time (which is good, because I’m out of 100¥ coins for the moment) for an update. I’m in Shin-Yokohama, in a lovely and elegant hotel room, looking over this hilly section of Yokohama and marveling at how the thickest, greenest patches of trees are wedged in so … More Big in Japan, Again

What It Is, Yo.

I gave away all of my skinny clothes the other day. Ok. I kept one skirt, a thick polyester orange and pink diamond-patterned vintage beauty that I found in a Goodwill shop more than ten years ago and couldn’t let go. But the rest…gone. All of the sexy tops and stylish skirts and all of … More What It Is, Yo.

Two Point Oh

The site will be going down shortly for some much needed upgrades and maintenance. It shouldn’t be too long; just cross your fingers that I’ve backed everything up properly, and that the software stuff goes so smoothly that I don’t need the backups after all. I hope to have the place up and running within … More Two Point Oh


Vacation was very, very nice. It almost seems like a dream now. We’ve been back for nearly two weeks, and D has been at a job site since the 1st. But though the memories are a touch hazy, I can tell you that while away I rediscovered my love for the following: Rolling Waves Tweek … More Resuming

Two Down

Can you stand another entry about school? ‘Cause that’s all I can think about right now. There is good news all around. First, I finished my Externship project tonight, and submitted it. This means I have one paper to go. Just one more piece of research, plus an annotated bibliography and I am F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D. with … More Two Down