There’s a Light

I finished the bulk of the writing tonight. I broke its back. I’m going to make it. [insert manic sobbing here] If I could, I would stay up all night and finish, but I have a dog to walk at 6:30 tomorrow morning, so it’s to bed with me.

Don’t Answer Me

Dogs. Paper. Driving. Poop bags. Typing. Notes. Leashes. beaglesbeaglesbeaglesBEAGLES. Things are a little crazy for me. Not low-prices crazy, more like watching Snake Eyes twelve times and then digging through Gary Sinese’s garbage until he takes out a restraining order against you crazy. oh, and I’m tired.

Winter Wonderland

Lanty has on his festive red and green collar. Scrooge is rewound and ready to go. My stocking is positively corpulent. It’s Christmas! I made it! Christmas! My last course ended on the 14th, and I’ve spent the week since shopping, wrapping, guzzling egg nog, crafting, napping, shopping, cleaning, baking and then going to the … More Winter Wonderland

Intermission: I rock!

Don’t worry! The experiment is still going strong (although it came close to ending last night when I looked up from my laptop and realized it was 11:35pm and no movie…). I am swamped in schoolwork and a difficult day or two, but the movies march on. Reviews are forthcoming. In the meantime…

School’s Out

…well, it’s not actually. But heck, it sort of feels like it. I’m taking just two courses this summer, both what my program calls an FDIS, or Faculty Designed Independent Study. One study is on Chicago authors and the other is about issues facing women in prison. Cheery, yes. I love FDIS courses. I’ve done … More School’s Out

The new.

So yeah, new digs. Finding time to work on this in between ever-increasing piles of schoolwork, home life, and various dog duties has been a challenge. And today I finally, finally had a bunch of hours in a row to spend knocking down the Big Barriers to going live. And here we are. A word … More The new.