Back to Madness

It’s been three long years since I’ve been able to indulge in one of my most singular pleasures: watching a horror movie a day all during October. Grad school, man. And in those three years, I’ve enjoyed flexing my writing muscles in short form and micro form blogging, but nothing can do justice to my … More Back to Madness


Hi, I’m Meg. Thanks for dropping by. I’m a writer with a bent toward cultural commentary and analysis. I write about the interesting place where media and culture meet, and how they influence and shape each other. From detailed academic research to offbeat stories about the world around me, I hope to entertain and enlighten … More Welcome!

It’s Amore

I get to study film, kids! Oh my gosh oh my gosh. Since finally kick-assing my way to my BA two years ago, I’ve had some more book learning in mind. But with my immense student loans staring me in the face and the lean couple of years we’ve had, taking on more educational debt … More It’s Amore

More Adventurous

With every broken heart, we should become more adventurous. When Lanty was diagnosed with that darned Lymphona last summer, I felt, momentarily anyway, the solidity of life drop right out from under me. There was very little that could make it seem right again.  Lanty was the third leg of our little three-legged family.  For … More More Adventurous

Have a Cold?

I kind of want one if it would take me back to the time when these fabulous commercials would interrupt As The World Turns which I watched in a decongestant haze on the couch while my mom made me buttery alphabet noodles out in the kitchen. *Thanks to a touch of tuesday weld for the … More Have a Cold?